Accreditations and Approvals

Accreditation International (Ai)

A group of highly accomplished leaders in education accreditation has assembled to discuss the need for a new worldwide accreditation organization - Accreditation International (Ai). It was noted by these individuals that a new accreditation organization must retain the traditional approach to accreditation, which emphasizes a collegial, peer review, and self-study process, while integrating research-based, twenty-first century skills, international benchmarks, and core standards. The Ogburn School has met and exceeded their standards and is proud to be accredited by Accreditation International (Ai).


AdvancED is the largest community of education professionals in the world. They are a non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts rigorous, on-site external reviews of PreK-12 schools and school systems to ensure that all learners realize their full potential. Their expertise is grounded in more than a hundred years of work in school accreditation, and The Ogburn School has been reviewed and accredited nationally by AdvancED.

Association of Independent Schools of Florida (AISF)

AISF is recognized by the Florida Association of Academic Nonpublic Schools as an accrediting agency for private schools in Florida. AISF is a Charter Member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation. NCPSA serves as a national review panel for the standards and procedures of private school accrediting associations in the United States.Accredited schools like, The Ogburn School offer small class groupings, flexible programs, and helpful teacher-pupil ratios. AISF schools stress academic fundamentals while tailoring their instructional programs to meet the needs, capabilities, and interests of their students.

Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools

MSA-CESS standards, protocols and accreditation services reflect the latest research on school effectiveness and school improvement and uses volunteers trained in critical peer review to provide an external validation of a school's or school district's performance. Middle States accreditation provides its members with the knowledge and processes necessary for implementing school improvement and achieving higher levels of student performance. The Ogburn School is regionally accredited by MSA-CESS.

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) APPROVED

The Ogburn School is very proud to be one of the few online schools that are fully approved by the NCAA. Our NCAA approval means that our curriculum has been designed to ensure college-bound student-athletes are building an educational foundation of high school courses that will prepare them for the academic expectations in college. Graduates could be eligible to apply for sports scholarships at the college level.

National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA)

The National Council for Private School Accreditation seeks to promote and support independent and autonomous accrediting associations serving private early childhood, elementary, and secondary schools which are committed to quality educational programs. The Ogburn School has been accredited by the NCPSA due to achieving the standards for academic excellence and responsiveness to their respective publics and the nation.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

The Ogburn School is regionally accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). SACS is one of the regional accreditation organizations recognized by the United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. SACS currently accredits over 13,000 public and private educational institutions ranging from preschool to college level in the United States.